I’m glad you made it to my blog! I can only assume that you are thinking ‘what on earth is live like manni?’, only because I would think the same thing. I will try my best to describe the idea behind the blog and its purpose. Before I get to that, however, I’ll tell you a little about me.


My name is Imaan. I was born in Morocco and raised mostly in Nigeria. I would definitely say that I have always had a creative side. As a kid, I was into reading, writing, and who can forget about my so-called dancing career. The dance was my life (I am not even exaggerating). I remember planning to become a professional dancer/choreographer in the future. In class when we were asked to write an essay about what we wanted to be in the future in year 7, I wrote about becoming professional dancer *buries face*. Although, if I think about a classmate of mine who’s dream was to be a taxi driver, it doesn’t sound odd at all. Seriously, though, I actually had dreams of being in a Missy Elliot video and shaking my booty next to Alyson Stoner. For some reason, as I grew older I became less expressive and quite reluctant to display my creative side. As a matter of fact, at the age of 15, I had the opportunity to publish a book full of poetry that I had written. Too bad my insecure and immature self-didn’t let that happen. Imagine being published at 15!! That would have been so dope. However, the past is the past and we grow from it.

Excuse my rambling, I tend to digress. On to the main subject!


‘Live Like Manni’

Wondering where I got the name from? Let’s break it down, shall we? ‘Manni’ was a nickname given to me by family and a few friends (well it is shortened to Manni). Personally, I have taken it to mean a whole other thing. Manni signifies the person I would like to be; confident, fun, content etc. That’s why whenever I do anything interesting in my life I call it ‘The Manni adventures’. ‘Live Like Manni’ therefore, is meant to be a platform where I can freely express myself creatively or just simply discussing things that I am passionate about. It’s about self-love, growth, and development. I should point out that it’s not just about my own development but my readers’ too.

Hope you all enjoy reading as much as I will enjoy creating content.