She opens her eyes just as the golden sun showers her with its warmth. The rays gently touch her skin revealing a soft glow as vibrant as an orchid. The wind whistles past her ear and caresses the soft cotton which now clings to her body. She lays on the wet grass appreciating the remnants of natures perfume created by the storm from the night before. There are faint sounds of children playing in the distance. The sweet sounds of their laughter travelling alongside the wind as if it were in harmony. She sits up and smiles to herself before taking a deep breath.

‘Breathe Dahlia, breathe’

She forcefully exhales as if trying to get rid all the negativity in her life.

‘This may be the last time I get to indulge myself.’

Her thoughts are interrupted by an insect landing on her arm. It’s a ladybug. An omen perhaps. She places her index finger close to the ladybug allowing it to climb and sit comfortably. Closing her eyes, she searches her heart for a wish and blows.

‘It’s not like the world is ending… It’s just marriage.’

2 Responses
  • Gandalf
    May 25, 2017

    Brilliant Post! Paints a picture for the reader. Give us more of your writing

    • ijwaziri
      May 25, 2017

      Omg THE GREY! I am honoured! Thanks I really appreciate it. Will be sure to post more

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