Girls day out with Leema and Salma


A few months ago I was in my little bubble completely unaware of the bloggers community in Nigeria. Today, I can definitely say that bubble has burst. I attended the bloggers brunch in Abuja and met some amazing and inspiring bloggers. Now that’s where I met Leema. She blogs about modest fashion. It really is nice to see modest fashion bloggers that we can look up to. Sometimes I get so tired of see the same girls with similar looks and features that I can not relate to. If you would like to check out her blog click here. Leema is such a lovely vibrant person so you can imagine my excitement when she said she wanted to hang out.



Salmah on the other hand, was introduced to me by Leema. It was really nice meeting her because she has such an interesting personality. She seems really open and fun. One thing I admire about her blog is that she talks about things that I would never have the guts to open up about. It makes her blog such an interesting read. To see what I’m talking about check it out here.


Back to our day out…

We hung out at this lovely rooftop restaurant in Jabi with a beautiful view of the lake. The scene was quite serene. I’d say it’s the perfect spot for a night out or even a date.


We planned to wear ‘retro’ outfits which besically just means trendy. I’m not usually the type to follow trends so I found that it was a challenge because I had no idea what to where (this is why I can’t be a fashion blogger lol). Here’s what we wore.

Leema wore an orange maxi pinafore-like dress with a floral shirt underneath and white sneakers. For more details on this look visit her blog



Salmah mixed patterns by pairing a polka dot shirt with a blue patterned midi skirt. To complete her look she added a choker and some strappy heels. To find out more about her outfit visit her blog

For my look, you could probably tell that I was feeling very hippy that day.



I paired a pink and white floral dress with a white fringed kimono and some heels. To accessorise I wore a burgundy velvet turban, a white choker, and a gold chained wrist watch.



I actually DIY’d (terrible English) the choker from some extra material I had.

After taking pictures we sat down and ordered a wonderful meal. Unfortunately I had to leave early so I had to pack up my food. However the little time had with these wonderful ladies was super! Would definitely love to do it again.

Dress- Zara

Kimono- Oasis

Turban- My mother’s closet

Shoes- ALDO

Choker- DIY

4 Responses
  • Leema
    November 8, 2016

    Oh yea!!! We are sure doing this again soon In sha Allah.

    • ijwaziri
      November 12, 2016

      Insha Allah

  • Meenah
    April 1, 2017

    You look absolutely amazing in that dress 🙂

    • ijwaziri
      May 24, 2017

      thank you!! just seeing this. sorry for the late reply

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