The importance of women’s empowerment. 


They say ‘to educate a woman is to educate an entire generation’. This is why it is sad to see that there are tons of women all over the world who have been deprived of this privilege. We tend to forget this and instead focus on our ‘first world problems’. If I’m being honest I am totally guilty of this. As children we complain about going to school as well as fake being sick just to get out of it. We tend to forget about the importance of education.

In the Hausa language the word ilimi is associated with education. If I were to translate it to the best of my ability I would say it meant ‘a combination of knowledge, humility and purpose’. This sense of purpose is what drives us as human beings. Therefore a combination of knowledge and purpose is what defines us. The education that we seem to take for granted, provides us with the opportunity to achieve our highest potential. So imagine if we can give these opportunities to women all over the world. Education in any form would surely elevate their lives. Most people limit ‘education’ to just books when really it’s the process of receiving a systematic instruction or simply an enlightening experience. So why not enlighten these women so that they are able to contribute to economic and social community.

The effect that women’s empowerment and enlightenment has on the economy is quite noticeable. Take China for example where their women are just as valuable in the working force and they are a fast growing economy. Oh no the benefits don’t stop there. May I add when a woman is enlightened economically their money usually goes back to their child’s health and education. Therefore the money circulates back to their communities. Imagine this occurring in rural areas. Imagine how this could improve the standard of living in these communities. Imagine how it will influence the economy if women did not become a burden to society.

I would definitely say that there are other reasons why women’s empowerment is fundamental. The other day I was watching a ted talk about this particular topic with half of my mind paying attention to my timeline on instagram when I heard a quote by Desmond Tutu. When asked about how war could be stopped he said ‘actually it is very straight forward, let women take over. Women are by nature more inclined towards compassion. They are life giving and life affirming. Men have made a mess in this planet and it is for women to fix it!’

Well there you have it folks, from a man himself. So what do you think girls should we take over the world?

*insert evil laugh*

Just kidding! Not really! On a more serious note, I really hope after reading this you would also see the empowerment of women as fundamental. I also hope it will inspire you to not only think about it but also act on it. You don’t even have to stretch too far to make a difference. It could begin with your sister, daughter, mother, cousin or even yourself.

Hope you enjoyed the read!




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